Joel Martin

Hey my name is Joel Martin. I work for Youth For Christ Canada. I have listened to RZIM podcasts for years. The Q&A sessions are particularly interesting so I thought this community would be useful in being able to interact in a virtual Q&A session.

I so appreciate the thoughtful responses RZIM gives to life’s toughest questions. I look forward to being able to interact on an even more personal and practical level with those questions in this community.


Hello Joel @joel.martin. Welcome aboard to RZIM Connect. I praise God for your youth ministry. I absolutely agree with you. RZIM has influenced so many lives across the world. RZIM has redefined the application of apologetics. It has taught us that asking questions about our faith in Christ is normal and necessary to equip ourselves for His ministry as well as in our daily spiritual walk. The answers to questions that people struggle with too can be conveyed in a way pleasing to our Lord. May the Lord bless us with wisdom and understanding as we venture together into this amazing forum.


Thank you @SelieVisa for your warm welcome!

I echo your prayer for the Lord to bless us with wisdom and understanding… I have been meditating on James 3:17 and the wisdom that comes from above. Oh how we need this!


Hello Joel, thanks for serving the Lord as you do it is a blessing to have you reach those who are the future of the world. Q&A is the foundation, we must ask to learn and be ready to give a response. Enjoy this respectful forum filled with great people from all walks of life redeemed by our Lord.



Welcome to the Connect @joel.martin! It’s great to hear of your involvement with the youth for Christ Canada. :heart:

Yes, I’m with you on the Q&A — those are some of my favorite parts when listening to RZIM. :blush: Feel free to check out the podcast categories provided here and I hope you’ll be blessed. Glad to have you here!


Welcome to the RZIM Community @joel.martin!

It is a pleasure to meet you! Thank you for seeking to be a willing vessel for God’s use in a dynamic way.

Looking forward to your participation here in this community!
Philippians 1:9-11