Joel Nishbert


I am from Tamilnadu, India and Living in NJ, US

I always listened to Ravi and Read few of his books and the one i liked is “The Grand Weaver”

I was praying about my purpose in Gods Kingdom and I am pretty much sure my task is to Share Gospel, defend Christian Faith and introduce the Teachings of Jesus Christ to the young, families who doesn’t know Christ and to the Surfers…

The first step i would take is be a Student in RZIM and hence i have joined the RZIM Academy and planning to take the core Module starting in Aug 1 and then go through the other courses.’

I am happy I could connect through this platform to ask questions and clarify my doubts on my calling…


Hi @chatjoel, it’s wonderful to have you here. So thankful for your heart to minister and invest in our youth. The core module is a great starting point, you will really enjoy it :slightly_smiling_face: Along with that, you may also have interest in this link, Apologetic Material for Youth
Hope to see you engaging in the conversations and sharing your thoughts and insight.


Welcome aboard @chatjoel. Glad you have came and have the heart you do. You will so love the Core Module. I loved it. It provides such a sold foundation for apologetics in so many ways. Please post from time to time how it impacts you. God-bless you and your journey.


Thanks Sig, it’s encouraging to be part of Connect and hoping to learn and be successful by giving…


Thanks Kel, excited to take the core module and will keep sharing what i am learning…


Hi Joel! @chatjoel
Welcome to Connect :slight_smile:
There’s a definite ministry to surfers in NJ - such a great way to get into the culture and young community.
I hope you find encouragement here, and enjoy jumping into conversations as you feel led.


@HeidiMitchell thanks for your encouragement