Joel R

I’m Joel from Ventura, Ca. I’ve been looking for a place to share encouragement among believers. With just moving to Ventura a few months prior to covid, we haven’t had too much time to cultivate strong relationships here with everything going on. God is good and I believe He is moving through all of this.


Welcome to connect, @joelrodgers365!

It’s so neat to be able to look at what all is going on and still see God’s hand at work!!
I hope you can take advantage of this community and engage in the discussions as you’re able. Thank you for your desire to encourage others!


Hello Joel,

Welcome to Connect, we are delighted you have joined our community. Please do share your encouragement in our forums and discussions, oh, and questions as well.

You mentioned being in Ventura only a few months, where were you originally? :earth_americas:


Welcome to RZIM Connect @joelrodgers365!

And here you are😄 Glad to have you. I hope you only find more and more of Who God is through this small avenue within the abundant life in Him. Please feel free to jump in on any of the threads/discussions. Also feel free to begin your own thread with questions and thoughts you may have in regards to the knowledge of God.

Looking forward to your participation.
Philippians 1:9-11


Hello! Welcome to RZIM Connect! @joelrodgers365


Thanks for the replies. Looking forward to growing here.

I grew up in Palmdale and have stayed in Southern California for the most part.

Glad to meet all of you!


Welcome to Connect Joel R @joelrodgers365.
I am happy meeting you here. I hope you will find out time to explore/engage the resources in this community. Feel free to share your Questions, testimonies and contributions here. I also agree that God is moving through all of this in touching and changing lives through us wherever we may find ourselves per time. Congratulations

I am looking forward to reading more from you.
God bless you


Good morning, Joel.
My childhood best friend and family have lived in Ventura for many years and love it. Look up her daughter who is a realtor. Her name is Liz Donnelly: Perhaps, my friends Sarah and Javier (her parents) could help you because they know the area so well. Tell them I recommended them to you. Jerdone Davis