Joh Elswijk Fifita

Hi Everyone, I am from the Kingdom of Tonga (small island) in the South Pacific (Oceania). I have been a follower and a huge fan of RZIM, and its a blessing to join RZIM Connect. I don’t have much to offer but I am willing to learn from all of you. Thank you


Welcome to Connect Joh!

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Malo, thank you Pam.

Welcome to connect @Joh2019 so glad you are here! I googled the Kingdom of Tonga. It looks breathtakingly beautiful. Enjoy browsing through the various topics here and when you feel comfortable, feel free to engage or ask a question. I feel the same way you do with not having much to offer but I keep talking anyway, ha ha! Seriously, this is a friendly environment, enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:


Appreciate the warm welcoming Sieglinde thank you.

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Hey Joh. Welcome to Connect… I pray the Lord help you to reach his all Greatness… And love.

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Welcome! I am also new here!

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Thank you very much

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A warm welcome, Joh! @Joh2019
So glad you’ve joined us :blush: Another great example of our family in Christ all over the world.
Be blessed as you read through the many topics here! Feel free to chime in as you feel led :slight_smile:


Thanks Heidi, its an honour.

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