Johannes Grassl

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Hi there, its me, Johannes from Germany. Just finished my RZIM Core Modul. And excited about it ;-)! Very interested in apologetics and the big questions in life. That’s why I am here. My daily business: Working with leaders in business, church and politics - mostly in the German speaking area. Looking forward to diving into exciting topics with all of you. Cheers!

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Hi @jg1,

Welcome! So pleased to hear how the Core Module went for you! There are so many opportunities to elevate the conversation and the business decisions because of our Christian faith. I look forward to learning from you and encouraging you as we discuss the big questions of life together in this forum!

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(Sieglinde) #3

Welcome @jg1! My mom was from Regensburg Germany. Do you live anywhere near there? I really want to visit there. She always talked about how beautiful the countryside was.
The Core module was a great learning experience for me too. So glad you joined connect!

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(DJ) #4

Welcome! I also did the core module and I also recently joined. Enjoy!