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Hello there, everyone. My name is John and I live in TN. I am a baptist pastor and have been a pastor since 1993. I have a great interest in Christian Apologetics and I see more and more the need for it to be interlaced with what the church teaches to prepare all members to be the best witness we can be. The world is seeking and asking questions and the church should not feel intimidated or afraid to face these questions. Because the answers are there - and the truth is on our side.

I really appreciate the work of RZIM around the world and was blessed to attend the 2018 Church Leaders Conference. I had prior plans for this year, but did purchase the ability to livestream and watch later. So I will be able to enjoy the sessions that way. I look forward to interacting with everyone here. God bless!

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Welcome to Connect John. I am about to leave China to spend my summer in a Baptist church. I love the teaching I receive there. I hope Connect helps you to grow in wisdom and stature with God and man as it has helped me.

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Hello @John_Daniel, welcome! So glad you are here and look forward to your insight :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome John! @John_Daniel

I agree, I’d love apologetics to become a normal part of church culture, as well.
So glad you’ve joined us :relaxed::relaxed:

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Welcome to Connect, @John_Daniel! We’re so glad you’ve joined us. Two things…

  1. I’m from TN too!
  2. So is Dolly Parton, AND she has an amazing song called John Daniel. Please tell me you’ve heard it! Whether you have or not, do enjoy. :wink:
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Hello Kathleen! Nice to have another Tennessean here. Yes, I have heard the song. I have the CD. It was brought to me by a dear Christian friend. It’s amazing that the song is about a preacher, too :smile:

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