John Gallaer

My name is John Gallaer

Where are you from?I live with my wife Betsy, in Boca Raton, Florida, USA

What led you to join Connect? I recently join RZIM Academy, taking the Core course.

How do you hope to contribute? To learn and share an understanding about Christian Apologetics, around the world!

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Welcome to Connect! Glad to have you join! I hope you are enjoying your course thus far. I took it just a couple years ago and it opened up opportunities for more conversations with others of different faiths. Please feel free to post any lingering questions that you may have from the course on the forums. While many questions may have been asked already, there is always a new angle or context to explore. Blessings for an enriching time on Connect!

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Welcome aboard @lderberry. Thank you for joining us. I hope you are enjoying the core module. It is such a foundational course. I do not think you will forget the foundations and tenets set forth in that course. God-bless you injured journey. We are glad you are with us.