John Lancaster


I am from Alabama, but I grew up in Uruguay, South America. I have just returned to the United States from 2 years abroad in South Korea teaching English. I joined Connect so that I could access RZIM material but also to sharpen my apologetics skills and see what others all over the world are wrestling with in their faith. I hope to contribute constructive criticism that builds others up and doesn’t tear my brothers and sister in Christ down. I hope to promote healthy discussions with others, regardless of agreeing or not with each other.


Hello, John! And welcome to Connect. I just joined myself and am also looking forward to the fellowship and encouragement of this community. I look forward to reading your contributions in the future.



Hello John @Jwlan
Great to have another alumni join us. Am so glad you have such a wonderful background and experiences. Hope you enjoyed your core module session. What inspired you the most during the session?
Yes. Connect is that place to grow and develop apologetic skills, not just to win the argument buy to win a soul. People like you are gifts to this community, so I hope you will bless us with your gifts as you explore and engage with us. Feel free always.



Hi @Jwlan, welcome :pray:t3: I trust you will be a blessing here as you engage in the conversations. I like what you said here

We don’t always have to agree to be loving and respectful and this is something that RZIM has excelled in. It’s wonderful to have you here. I look forward to reading more from you :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome aboard @Jwlan. We are glad that you have joined to connect. Your experiences abroad as well as you are dedicated heart will be a blessing to this site. God-bless you and your journey.