John Lemphung

I’m John Lemphung from Arunachal Pradesh.
I’m 45 years old.I have one children.
I’m serving as a church secretary.
Now I’m pursuing a short Bible course to equip myself. I’m interested to learn and discuss about difficult question about Bible.I hope i will grow as I join this community.

Thank you.


Hello, John, and welcome to Connect! :slight_smile: I’m excited to learn more from you here, and if you find connections between your Bible short course and the Connect post topics, I would love to hear them!


Welcome @JohnLemphung we are thankful to have you here. Welcome :pray: Would you mind my asking which short Bible course you are pursuing? I hope to read more from you. I am interested in your perspective in the conversations.


WOW, John! I had to look up where you are on the map. Thought you were towards the Kashmir side of the country but see that you are all the way over by Myanmar.

How’s the internet there, brother? My mom tells me it’s pretty poor outside of the big cities. She travels to India 3-4 times a year to help teach women how to study scripture and to train women for church service. She loves the nation and its people. I also find the ancient and rich culture fascinating. We support a missionary team in Jaipur. My wife and I hope to be able to travel to your wonderful country some day soon.




Hi John. It amazes me how God has planted believers in such remote places (at least to me). May your Bible course help ground and equip you. I’m sure we all will benefit from each others’ insights as we grow and learn through this community. Welcome.


Thank you dear brother and sisters in Christ for your warm welcome.
It is just a basic course. Learning some of the topics equivalent to Bachelor of Theology at Dimapur,Nagaland.

Arunachal is located at the far fringe of the North East India bordering China.
Blessings to you all.