John MacIntyre

(John Dugald MacIntyre) #1

Greetings (with a virtual holy kiss, perhaps?) from Southern Ontario to all the RZIM Connect community.

Just retired after 40 plus years in medical practice, I now have ample time to dig deeper into questions of faith and practice where the message of Christ meets a perplexed world of sin and suffering.

The Core Module introduced me to a level of disciplined thinking in Christian theology and philosophy that I have not known before. There can be no better way of living true to the purpose of Gospel apologetics than by engaging with such a large body of questioners. I’m glad to be part of this global ministry.


(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi @jmacinty,

I am so encouraged by your introduction message! A virtual holy kiss right back to you! :slight_smile:

I think so highly of the RZIM Academy. The way it consistently helps people understand how to grow in Christ and gently, humbly help others in their faith journeys is just awesome to see.

RZIM Connect is the wide open prairie. There’s a huge diversity of people, questions, global contexts, and so on. We’d definitely benefit from your seasoned wisdom and experience as we seek to encourage one another to know and follow Christ.

(Heidi Mitchell) #3

Welcome, John! @jmacinty
I agree, the Core Module certainly was a challenge to how we understand our faith- and how to answer or engage non-Believers.
Glad you’ve joined us!
Looking forward to hearing more from you in the forums :relaxed:

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(Sally Alexander) #4

Hello John, @jmacinty from a neighbor, formerly from Detroit, now in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I , too, recently finished the Core Module, have several family members, most are believers, in the medical field and Abba has given me several friends who are not believers and who were in nursing. Looking forward to your thoughts and insights!

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(Keldon Scott (Kel)) #5

Welcome aboard @jmacinty. So glad you have come along with us. I have been contemplating that retirement step myself. I would like to be more involved in ministry and so enjoy learning and conversing with others especially here. I echo @Sal with greetings from another Michiganader. I hope you get the opportunity to take an elective if you loved the core module. The courses are so rich. God-bless you.