John Wayne: My Introduction

(John Wayne III) #1

Howdy brothers and sisters,

I’m a believer in the living Jesus. I am an Industrial Engineer by study and trade. I am from Houston, Texas. In my free time, I love to research unusual topics including anything biblical, historical, scientific studies/papers, archeology, and basically anything else I can find that relates to ancient/mysterious/suppressed information.

I joined connect because I want to get connected with more believers of Jesus. Over the years, I have observed a growing lack of conviction to the teachings of the Bible, from the many churches I visit. Unfortunately this is a growing problem throughout much of what we call ‘Christianity’ today and is often negatively perceived. Due to my knowing of His Word, when I see the world and the evil we live in everyday, I feel conviction hit me deep. A conviction that we are called to be defenders of good and enemies of evil.

I heard of connect while watched a RZI conference with John Lennox talking about AI and the end times. These are some of the topics I love to research but many Christians find it hard to discuss the complex and mysterious messages in the Bible.

I hope to contribute to this community by asking questions I have about various topics. Ultimately I would like to see The Church, aka ourselves, work together in a more cooperative, principled, and influential manner around the world to spread the gospel and fight against evil.

Excited to get plugged into the community!

John Wayne III

(SeanO) #2

@JohnWayne Welcome to Connect! What topics are you studying right now? Glad you have joined us and praying that you will grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus through your time here on the forums.

(John Wayne III) #3

Hey Sean! Thank you for your question and for reaching out!

I’m going way back in history to the Antediluvian times. Currently studying the Apocryphal Book of Enoch. I have always been curious about the fallen angels when studying Genesis. From Genesis we get a very brief description of the fallen angels who descended on earth and impregnated the ‘daughters of men’ who bore giants, or Nephilim. Enoch calls these fallen giants “The Watchers”, and describes, in much greater detail, these beings and the events of that time. Very interesting stuff.

I will likely post something on this topic soon, but feel free to shoot back here if you like.

(SeanO) #4

@JohnWayne Look forward to hearing your thoughts. @Jimmy_Sellers would likely be interested - he likes Michael Heiser’s work on the divine council (basis for Bible Project video linked below). Personally, I lean more towards Genesis 6 being descendants of Seth, though in Job the sons of God are clearly members of a divine council.

The term ‘sons of God’ also appears in Genesis 6 and has three possible interpretation:

1 - descendants of the line of Seth
2 - angelic beings
3 - tyrants

(Jimmy Sellers) #5

Welcome to connect. If you are interested in this subject let me recommend Michael Heiser, He has several books on the subject. I like him and his work but I am not sold out to conclusions.
Here are some links. Please forgive if you already have these.

I have read them all and would be glad to kick around some topics.

(Timothy Loraditch) #6

Anyone named John Wayne is welcome in my book no matter what you’re interested in! Any relation to the Duke? I see that it has been a family name for a while.

(Sieglinde) #7

Howdy!!! I am loving the Texas grettings I see here:)
I was just talking with my husband yesterday about starving for meaningful conversations amongst my friends and others. You will definitely find it here.

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(Cameron Kufner) #8

Hey, John! Welcome to connect! Just wanted to say, you have an awesome name! One of my favorite actors of all time. Anyways, welcome!

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(Sanjib ghosh) #9

Dear John,
welcome to the borad- RZIM connect.
Hope God may bless through this connect.
thank you

(Sanjib ghosh) #10

Dear @SeanO,
very effective video , very simple and informative. in short span.

Regarding, ‘sons of God’ -I discussed previouly with some bible experts,mostly they referred them as ‘fallen angles’.
still I am not cleared!
Looking forward to get more information.


(SeanO) #11

@san I think it is not an easy text to understand and we should not hold one opinion too tightly. Not all texts are equally easy to understand and this one presents difficulty. In seminary I was taught that with some texts you can pound the pulpit (metaphorically speaking of course) and others you could only tap it (fairly strong opinion) and others you should be standing back from the pulpit (admit uncertainty). I think this is an uncertain text.

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