Good morning!
I am from Atlanta, GA living and working with a new family in Tallahassee, FL for almost 10 years.
I joined because I am interested in the Muslim response to the Christian and the whole conversation between the 3 faiths on the Fatherhood of God and what is written.
I plan to read a lot and ask many questions!


Hello and welcome to the RZIM Community @bozemanjr!

Glad you are here and may this place be used in your heart to deepen that which the LORD wants to grow you in. Please explore the various categories, and participate in already existing threads. Or even begin your own thread with thoughts or questions, as you feel prompted👍


Hello John, welcome to connect family. looking forward to many unique and inspiring conversations as learn and engage, please check out the many tutorials to help understand the site. I will be passing through you hometown on my way to Florida for Thanksgiving.
This beautiful forum has much to offer, enjoy the many discussions and participate as you can.



Hi John!
Blessings from Peru!