Johnny of Winnipeg

Hello everyone,

It is a blessing to be with my fellow travelers in this journey of learning and growing in Christ.

I am Johnny from the city of Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada. I learned a lot from the core course that really equipped me in my Christian life. I joined Connect so I can continue to grow spiritually and be equipped in serving God.

Last December, I was talking to my sister online when she mentioned in passing that she was wondering what are we going to be talking about when we are in our 80"s. That was the first time I ever considered the possibility that I may reached that age range. Then I asked myself: “What would God want me to do in the next 25 years or more, if God will allow me to have those years?” I am near early retirement age. The thought that came to my mind, from God, is a full time ministry involvement. I do not know yet which ministry but I am trying to equip myself as much as possible so I can be ready when God opens the door fully.


Welcome to the forum Johnny, I loved your post, and look forward to hearing more and watching our growth as we interact with others. Our Father always wants our availability not neccesarily our abilty. Seek first Him And He will show us His perfect plan as Jer 29:11 says.
Gods basic, permissive, will carries some degree of peace, but only His perfect will gives us His perfect peace.


Welcome aboard Johnny.
Thanks for that great introduction.


Welcome @johnnypempengco and thank you for your heartfelt, inspiring introduction :pray:t3: I pray the Lord will bless you in your desire to serve. Feel free to engage here when you feel led :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome aboard @johnnypempengco. What a great ponder you have. It is good to have you coming alongside us. The benefit of the Core module and its fundamentals will be a great share to many here. I look forward to reading your posts. My best to you in your endeavors. God-bless you and your journey.