Jon DeWitt

Hi Y’all!

My name is Jon DeWitt and I am from Colorado but currently live in Minnesota. I joined Connect because I want to continue to grow alongside of other brothers and sisters in my faith and sharing the love of Jesus with others. Currently I am not sure how I hope to participate. I think I am just checking it out right now but am willing to participate once I get a better understanding of how to.


Hi Jon,

Welcome to Connect, we are looking forward to interacting in discussions with you.
You moved from Colorado to Minnesota, tell me which one gets colder? :snowman_with_snow: :snowflake:

Take you time perusing the forums in connect and type in the topics that interest you in the search icon :mag:

Here is a welcome message from Ravi Zacharias to explain a bit of what Connect is about . :tulip:


@Jon Welcome brother! Hope you are staying safe and keep growing in Christ!
Enjoy the tour here :smiley:



Welcome to RZIM Connect @Jon

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Welcome to connect @Jon. It is good having you with us from the great state of Minnesota. My folks live in Duluth. So I have been there many times. I was originally from South Dakota so even had a brief stent of being a vikings fan. Thank you for your heart:

I think that you are goals will be met here. You came to the right place. God-bless you and your journey.