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Jon Sharp

I’m from Brighton in southern England. I was put in contact with Connect at the end of the Core Module I completed in the Spring this year.
I’m particularly concerned about how Christians relate to our cultures and how we can transform them if we dont understand them, and are not distictive from them. In some cases God seems to be using people who are not Christians to question the more disturbing parts of our culture’s philosophy & morality - where Christians are not. Why are Christians largely silent…?


Hello Jon and welcome to Connect :slightly_smiling_face:. Also, well done on completing the core module, I hope that you found it helpful in your own Christian journey. I don’t know whether Christians are silent on many of the cultural issues much of our world is facing at this time. RZIM certainly has many speakers who have written books and done talking engagements on particular hot button subjects that may be considered of cultural sensitivity. I am sure many others must also speak to the current issues, though, it often can depend on who is given the platform and who “shouts” the loudest.

I think it would be good to ask your question as a new discussion in the Daily Evangalizm category section if you like. It will be a really interesting discussion to know others thoughts and hopefully gain some further insight :slightly_smiling_face:.

But again, a warm welcome and look forward to interacting with you through the community.


Welcome, Jon! I share your concerns, as you may guess if you read some of my posts. God is working, though; I look forward to walking alongside you on RZIM Connect as our faith grows!


Welcome aboard @jonsharp. Good to have you with us. I hope that you are able to use your foundations and experiences in the core module and in life to help address some of the cultures that need influence. This would be a very good topic to start. Where would you start and what example would you give where we as christians fall short and should improve? I look forward to reading your posts. God-bless you and your journey.


Thanks for the welcomes!
RZIM seem to be the only group I’ve come across that take cultural issues seriously both in analysis and prescription. Few preachers will dare to provide an honest respectful critique of Islam, for example, or Secular Humanism, or Gender politics. . Its good to not say anything you don’t need to - avoid needless offence, but something does have to be articulated as members of the congregation are being affected by these issues eg at work (including me!), and we need to have words, ways of explaining the hope that is in us - with gentleness and respect.


Jon, you are welcome for the welcomes! I think that you have the key in your last clause. I am attracted to RZIM because its team speaks truth with love.


Hi Jon,
RZIM is not the only group speaking on these kinds of issues, but it is a very important one. In particular their focus on campuses and businesses is much needed and very cool.
I’m currently reading a book by Peter Jones called “One or Two”. I’m just getting into it, but he’s looking at Romans 1 and how what Paul said in the Roman culture of his time is appropriate for our time also. It’s thought provoking. All this to say there are other good, strong Christian voices out there!
Cheers and welcome!


Hi Keldon
Thanks, I think at the moment, among church leaders there is too much uncritical acceptance of the BLM line, where secular commentators of all backgrounds are pointing out the problematic aspects of this organisation. I think this goes back to the lack of awareness of the amount of the liberal-humanist worldview we’ve bought into. We’re happy to teach about Love & Grace, which is great, and avoid offence (and possible litigation!), but its no love to avoid pointing out the illness to a patient.


I agree, but then the question is how does one do that? When we look at our calling and standing firm on truth we do have to speak truth, but also when dealing with unbelievers speak and approach with kind, gracious and attractive discourse. Colossians 4:5-6. With BLM tenets how would you open or respond to a dialog with one promoting the organization? How do you live wisely and speak truth effectively with the rancor and disdain exhibited at times from those you reference?