Jonathan Adeniran

Hello everyone at RZIM family connect, I’m Jonathan Adeniran and it’s very good to be here.

I come from Nigeria to RZIM.

I came in through the RZIM academy short course and I was referred to continue to assess the videos from here. It’s a huge part of why I came, I’d really like to assess the videos for the courses as promised.

I also hope to continue to benefit from the wealth of knowledge in the truth of our Lord Jesus Christ and as concerning our communal faith in God. God bless RZIM!


@Jonathan_Adeniran Nice to meet you!

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Hi Jonathan,
I am Jonathan Asbun, from Bolivia, South America.
It is very nice to meet you!

Let me share with you from my personal experience. I also came here through the RZIM Academy. After finishing the Core Module I wanted to have access to the videos there for future use.

However, what I have found here is much more valuable than just the videos. This is a really diverse and caring community, ready to reach out to answer any question and to have a real conversation about a variety of topics.

I have found myself immersed in a series of reading of so many topics.
So, what I’m trying to say is that beyond the course videos, I would like to invite you to participate and look in depth into this community, it will surely surprise you!

I admit that the tech can be a little hard to figure out, but once you understand how to work it out, it is the richest place for Biblical and personal growth out on the internet.

Finally, may I suggest you check out the “Site Tutorials” area, it is a really good starting point so figure out how to make the most of this platform. here is a good link to a series of tutorials.

Also, if you are looking for quality videos and to participate on really good conversations, check out the “Take Five” series. It is a series of five minutes videos with a variety of topics. Here is the link

I hope this helps.

Have a blessed week.


Hi Jonatha, welcome to RZIM connect, a world wide forum filled with seekers of truth. Waving to you from America in the mountains of West Virginia. My oh my I have found much more than I imagined when I first shared my intro. Questions about faith in Christ and questions that may have come up as you dought answers in the course are a welcome addition. May you make yourself at home and enjoy.

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Hi @Jonathan_Adeniran and a very warm welcome to Connect :slightly_smiling_face:. I always find Connect a great place to meet people from all over the world. Was there any topic from the academy short course that you did which you found most interesting?


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Hi Jonathan welcome to RZIM Connect. It’s a pleasure meeting you. I am also from Nigeria. I trust you will reconnect soon to your Video. Feel free to join the conversation anytime.
Remain Bless


@Jonathan_Adeniran Welcome to this treasure chest of knowledge and seekers! You add to it simply by joining. Thank you!