Jonathan Carpenter

Hello Everyone!

I am an American currently living just outside of Toronto, Canada. I would say that I am a former atheist turned Christian since about 2010. I decided to read the Bible just out of curiosity and discovered that I actually thought it was true! Also, since that time I got married and became a stay at home dad! I am excited to participate in this forum and I look forward to meeting and speaking with everyone!



Hi Jon,
Great to see that you are an Atheist converted Christian.
Your testimony reminds me of one of my friend who came to the Lord just by reading the Bible that was left on the table in one of the hostel rooms.
The word of God is so powerful that it changes anyone who reads it. Praise God.
Nice to connect with you.
God bless.


Hi Jonathan,

Glad to see fellow course mate here :slight_smile:


Hi Jonathan @joncarp
What a delight to have you here with us my WSE classmate.
Welcome to Connect. Your testimony is amazing and I am already blessing God for your life and your family’s. Welcome to God’s family and welcome home brother. At your convenience, we will be blessed to received as a gift, the detail of your conversion story and how you have been pushing through since then. Please do explore the platform and enjoy the richness of the House. Be free to share with us anything anytime. Don’t forget to drop in your prayer request as well?

I am looking forward to reading your contributions.
Grace and Love
From Nigeria


Hi @joncarp I am so thankful to hear you read the bible and found it to be true! Welcome to connect :slightly_smiling_face: Congratulations on your marriage and it must be such a blessing to be at home with your kids. Do you home school? I trust you will enjoy your time here. Please do offer your insight into the conversations :pray:


Wow - Jonathon - I’d love to hear more about that amazing story. I was always a Theist - the thing that tipped me over was the order of the universe- know that there had to be intelligence behind it ——