Joni Scott

I am from Indiana. I am a Road Chaplain. I go with the Sheriff on death notifications. I also help comfort surviving families of fatal tragedies.

I am from Indiana.

I so love Ravi’s ministry. I had the beautiful privilege of meeting and talking with him twice when he was here in Indianapolis.

How do you hope to participate? I am not sure the answer to this question. However the Lord leads.


Thank you for joining us on the connect, @joni777scott! What a ministry… It’s a blessing to hear of your service to Indiana and our country!

That’s so neat of your interactions with Ravi! I look forward to meeting him one day! :heart:

That is wonderful! Thanks for your interest in this community. I’m looking forward to learning more from you. :blush:


Welcome to RZIM Connect! @joni777scott


Welcome @joni777scott! So glad to meet you on Connect!

I also serve as a chaplain in our local hospital - among other things, we accompany hospital staff to notify patients who’ve had a loved one die. What a difficult thing to notify a patient that while they’ve been lying in a hospital bed, their family member has died. I’ve only had to do it once so far. I admire your courage in Indiana!


Welcome @joni777scott to Connect. I am happy to meet you and to know the great work God is doing through you in touching many lives. Be free to engage and contribute your thoughts and insights always.

Looking forward to hearing from you


that is so cool.

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Welcome to RZIM Connect @joni777scott!

Wow. What a vital and impactful ministry you are in. How long have you been involved with that ministry? What has been one of the most impactful lessons the LORD has taught you through it?

I am very glad to meet you. Please join in on any of the already existing threads here, as well as start your own with questions or thoughts that have been on your heart, regarding Who our God is and the treasures found in His Word. (Romans 11:33)

May the LORD continue to grow you in Him as you seek to perseveringly run this race!
Philippians 3:14