Jonny Roldàn

Hi to all of you! I’m pleased to be here, thank you so much.
I’m from Argentina and I’m 29
I think this is a great opportunity to learn and share, I’m looking foward to it. And I hope I could be a blessing for your lives.


Great to have you joining us on Connect, @JonnyPatineta! As you have come excited to learn and share, you have come for all the right reasons:) We are a community growing together and learning from one another as we deepen our love for Christ, our faith, and our witness. So delighted that you are bringing your voice to this conversation. Looking forward to your contributions—welcome!


Welcome aboard @JonnyPatineta. Welcome in from Argentina. If you had hoped you would be a blessing by joining you already have. Thank you for coming alongside us. Please participate as frequently as you are able. I hope this site is as much a blessing for you as you are for this forum. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi Jonny, I’m so glad you joined us.

Yes, I agree. If many people make a small contribution, something really big can come of it - and Connect is well on its way. God bless you.
Just a short question by the way: Who is this child sitting in the bucket grinning from ear to ear? I really had to laugh when I saw that :joy:


haha thank you so much Daniel! That little boy it’s me

And here I am many years later… Not much changed haha


Thank you so much Liz! I’m feeling very welcome :smile:


Thank you so much Keldon! God bless you too!

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