Jose Ortiz

Say hello…Hello guys, God bless and im here to learn

Where are you from? Florida

What led you to join Connect? Finish the module and after 1 year im back to get more elective

How do you hope to contribute? in anything i can


Hi Jose, and welcome you back to connect it is good to meet you. I looked at your info page and see you work at Disney as a sous Chef. Please enjoy yourself as you engage here. You bring joy to others as you serve them, may that joy be reciprocated here as you learn and grow in faith.


Hi @joseortiz3170, welcome to connect and congratulations on completing the course! What would you say was your most profound lesson? It is such a helpful course and I especially liked the interview portion. Enjoy browsing here in connect and feel free to share your thoughts and insight :pray:t3:


Hi @joseortiz3170,

I’m so pleased to hear that you’re back for Academy electives! What a rich resource they are!

I look forward to having your voice contribute to discussions in the community.

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