Joseph ITIAT

Hello All!

I am from Nigeria.

Growing up, I had questions. My father answered some of them. But when I intersected with Ravi, I had greater clarity. Against this backdrop, I consider this a space one can bring up disturbing issues and be certain of gaining clarity through interaction with others.

I hope to learn more and add my my voice.


Hi Joseph @Stoneboatt
You are most welcome to RZIM Connect. It is a great delight to have you join us. We all wrestle with one question or the other especially in our culture. Ravi’s answers has been a great blessing to us all. And connect is indeed the place to gain clarity and grow in your Christian journey. Feel free to join the conversations, As you explore the community. We will be glad to receive your questions, testimonies and prayer request as long as you want to share them.

Am from Kaduna Nigeria and am wondering
Which part of Nigeria are you connecting from?
Remain Blessed.


Hi @Stoneboatt, it’s so nice to meet you :slightly_smiling_face: I trust you will find connect a safe space to bring up those issues. I also trust you/we will find some comfort in the responses of those who have wisdom and knowledge about them. Any particular prayer request? I hope to read more from you as you engage here in the conversations :pray:t3:
Take care :heart:


Hello John!

It’s nice meeting you here.

I am from the south, Akwa Ibom precisely.

Thank you for connecting.



Hello Sieglinde!

Thank you for your kind words. I look forward to learning from you and others here.

Pray that the Gospel saturates the Middle East.



I will Joseph :pray:t3::heart:


Welcome aboard @Stoneboatt. I am glad that you have enjoyed the ministry. Getting clarity for your world view can create a true sense of peace. Give me an idea about what disturbing issues that we should perhaps be grappling with? Let’s do this all together globally. You are a part of it and we welcome you. God-bless you and your journey.