Joseph Prince and Communion

Can you comment on the doctrine of communion that Joseph Prince talks about in his book Eat your way to Health and Life. He claims the Eucharist can heal diseases and improve health. In fact he says you can take communion 3 x a day like medicine.

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Hi Abby, it’s good to ask these kinds of questions.

I see the Scripture telling us that the Lord’s Supper is a remembrance of the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Mark 14:22-25, Luke 22:18-20 and others). It is a time to think about our Savior, not ourselves other than to be very thankful of what He has accomplished.

We are remembering the perfect healing providing eternal life that was completed on the Cross by Jesus. God does not promise that every believer will be healed, no matter how great your faith. God is sovereign, if He desires to physically heal someone, He will and He is able but in the NT He does not promise physical healing. He promises something much better.

Can you remember the Lord more than once a day? “As often as you…” I see no scripture saying “no” but we should examine ourselves to consider why we need to do that. Are we seeking to honor and remember Him or are we seeking something for us? I believe that would be considered a valid prayer. That’s what Paul did but, you know, God didn’t heal him from his “thorn in the flesh” no matter how much he prayed or took communion. (2 Cor 12:7-9)

God bless you.


Hey Abby @Abby, great question. Whenever I hear such things, my first instinct/question is “Is this biblical?” I’m not denying the significance of the holy communion but is that the purpose of communion. Beware of those that try to sell God. He is not for sale. It’s also written as Jesus said in the wilderness “Dont tempt your God.” when Satan told him to change the stone to bread so he can eat it. We should not either. Relationship with God is not about fulfilling our own selfish reasons but to know him and be turned to fulfilling his will. On last supper as Christ said, this is my body and blood that was laid down for you for remission of sins. Not for body healing, not to be prescribed like a doctor would 3x a day.

I hope that helps.
God Bless.


Joseph Prince uses the following verse to justify his doctrine: 29 For anyone who eats and drinks without discerning the body eats and drinks judgment on himself. 30 That is why many of you are weak and ill, and some have died. 1 Cor 11:29-30
I grieve this teaching because my son who has severe health problems has latched on to this book. It breaks my heart as a mother that someone would use the vulnerable who are desperate for healing. I want my son healed, God knows my supplications regarding this. I just do not know how to help my son because he is claiming healing through the taking of communion. Please help me understand clearly what I can say to my son.

Hello Abby, I am so sorry to hear this, it makes me very angry to hear these false teachers and the great harm they cause by twisting the Word of God. If it is just from their ignorance, that is one thing but if not, it is evil and God will judge them.

It sounds as if we don’t have to get into the real truth of 1 Cor 11, you apparently understand the Holy Spirit’s meaning but as for your son, I will need to pray to add to my response. I do know it is always easier for those of us not going through these things. Preaching to the hurting usually doesn’t go very well. Listening is good, praying is best.

My initial thoughts are that your son can and should continue to speak with God and even request (but not demand) healing understanding that God’s truth and plans are still best even when He doesn’t answer as we desire or think He should. (Romans 8:28)

This is a good article that may help with some insights from a doctor’s perspective.

I pray he will learn to rest in the truth of God’s Word and believing what God actually says will help him find some peace in his situation and the same for you.


Thank you for not giving a trite and pat answer and thank you for your prayers for my son and I. God bless you!

Thank you Peter for the article you attached. It brought peace to my hurting heart.

Hello Abby

First of all my prayers also go out to you and your son. It can be hard seeing anybody, but especially our loved ones, choosing to follow a path or belief that you know is not true. I might suggest, if your son is willing, to go through the verses specific to commune in the Bible with him. In the 1 Corinthians passage that you allude to, Paul is saying that by having Communion in a sacrilegious way, that some people were suffering under the judgement/ discipline of God. That is the reason that Paul is saying for the ill health of many. As others have already commentated, Scripture does not support that taking the Eucharist in honor to God, nor multiple times a day, is something that brings about supernatural healing.

I suppose a clarifying question I might ask your son, is, does he believe he is suffering from poor health because God is disciplining him? Does your son believe that he has wronged God in someway and needs to earn forgiveness that will in turn lead to physical healing?

I understand that this is a sensitive topic Abby and I really appreciate you opening up about your heart felt struggle. I would just suggest that though your son wants physical healing, there may also be something deeper to his beliefs about himself and God, that you could always talk with him about maybe. As always, go where the Spirit leads :slightly_smiling_face:.

I hope that may be of some help but keeping trusting in God and know we are praying with you!