Joshua Bellingham

I am from the UK, in Shropshire. I’m just writing to say that how much God has used Ravi’s life work ti shape me.
Since I was about 16 I’ve paid close attention to what you have said. It is partly because of what I have learnt from you that I am writing a book about Proverbs, and it’s relevance for today.

I can’t express how thankful I am for your faithfulness to God, and I pray that your example will edifies and inspires many to rise up and serve wholeheartedly.

Thank you Ravi


Hi Josh, welcome to Connect! I’m also from the UK, in Devon :slightly_smiling_face:. Thank you for sharing your message for Ravi and his family to see. The impact he has had on your life is amazing. Your book on Proverbs sounds fascinating. Maybe you can share more on it at some point. I hope you can find Connect a place to continue engaging in conversations with people all over the world. Blessings.


Welcome to Connect Josh, and for your encouragement for Ravi. I am glad your life has been so blessed that you are inspired to write this book about Proverbs! It sounds like a wonderful idea! I hope the writing goes well. God bless you brother! :blush:


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Thank you! That’s really cool you are from Devon, it’s a very nice place I hear :grinning:
Yes certainly, I would love to tell you more about it. Bit by bit it’s getting closer to being finished. I’ll keep you posted.
I’m looking forward to being involved in this. Seems like a great place to converse. God bless!


If you are interested, i’ve put a few chapters of my work on Proverbs on my research gate profile

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Thanks, I’ve downloaded the pdf and will read through.