Joshua Eads

Hello all,

I am originally from Jacksonville, Tx but now live in Cincinnati.

I enjoy listening to apologetics and find it a way to keep my thoughts on things of God.

I hope to challenge myself and others, to provoke thought, and to seek objective principles rather than believe something spoken eloquently.

I found myself listening to Ravi one day and realizing I had been listening to him about certain topics instead of seeking answers for myself. Ravi is a blessed orator and seemingly a good man of faith, but he isn’t the Bible l. So I aim to find those answers in the text and engage those on here in thought and conversation.


Hi @eadsjk,

Welcome! I’m so glad that you are growing in your walk with the Lord. Connect is a great place to prompt you to go study the Bible, pray, and think through how to share your answers in a kind and respectful way. Every day there are dozens of conversations taking place that can spur you into a deeper walk with the Lord and a humble serving of another brother or sister in Christ. I look forward to hearing more from you.


Hi @eadsjk welcome to connect, so glad you joined :slightly_smiling_face: I am sure you will find various thought provoking topics. I Look forward to your insight.


Welcome to Connect, Joshua! :slight_smile: I am sure as you find connections to Scripture it will enrich your own understanding of the sermons, and I hope you will share them here so we can also learn together. Looking forward to future discussions.


Welcome aboard @eadsjk. Challenging yourself is an awesome goal. What topics in particular have you delved into more yourself? It is a blessing when we seek and find. Its good to have you with us. God-bless you and your journey.

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