Joshua from Oregon

Hello, all

I’m from NE Oregon and passionate about apologetics. Am avid reader and listener of Ravi and the RZIM team’s books and podcasts. Hope to grow in my understanding of the faith and contribute in some meaningful way to the community here.


Hello Joshua.
I am Rich. I currently live in Eastern Washington. In the same general region as you. I also am into apologetics.
Ravi is a great one, I would also recommend Hank Hanegraaph and Norman Geisler for great apologetics info. Do you follow either of those guys?
The Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics by Norman Geisler would be my 2nd favorite book (after the Bible!)

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Hi @Romans58,

Welcome to the RZIM Connect family. Glad to see another fan of apologetics and the RZIM team.

Look forward to your contributions and discussions.

Blessings in Christ,


Hey, Rich

Have heard Ravi mention Hanegraaph and Geisler, but have yet to read any of their work. Thank you for your suggestions. Would The Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics be the best place to start with Geisler?

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I would start with "I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist " by Norman Geisler.

"Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics " (also by Geisler) is more of a reference manual to look up just about anything you ever wanted to know about Christian apologetics. Though I like reading it start to finish, 1 topic entry per day. It gets my mind thinking about some new apologetic topic every day.

As for Hank Hanegraaph, “Has God Spoken” is a great , truly great place to start. As well as listening to his “Bible Answer Man” radio show (archived online)


Thanks again for the suggestions, Rich. Will add those two books to my reading list, and acquire Geisler’s Encyclopedia for reference. Appreciate your help. God bless.