Joshua Ilangovan introduction

Hello everyone here at the RZIM community, it’s Such a privilege to be a part of this global community! I’ve been grateful to have been part of the RZIM academy and all that I’ve obtained through this ministry! It’s been a truly life changing experience.

I’m posting from South India, and I hope to learn a lot from participating in this community! Looking forward to all the interactions and discussions in the future!




Welcome to RZIM Connect!
We’re so glad you decided to join us here.


Welcome aboard Thank you for joining us from India. I am glad that the ministry has impacted your life. I hope it continues to do so through connect. Please feel free to engage in any discussion that you wish. I hope that those discussions enhance your faith and encourage you to return as frequently as possible. God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome to RZIM Connect!

I am so glad to have see you join from India. It thrills me to see the LORD working in so many lives (something the news doesn’t prefer to portray faithfully…).

Looking forward to seeing how the LORD continues to faithfully work within each of our lives, as we seek to grow deeper and deeper in the in the dynamic treasures found in our Heavenly Father and His Word. (Romans 11:33)

Feel free to participate in any already existing thread with thoughts you feel lead to share from Scripture, or start your own with questions you may feel lead to search out the answers to. Keep running the race!