Josiah Alga

(Josiah Alga) #1

Say hello…
Where are you from?
I am from the Philippines
What led you to join Connect?
Well I’v always wanted some answers and also to listen to what others can say and my friend referred it to mo
How do you hope to contribute?
By reading topics and giving information

(Keldon Scott (Kel)) #2

Welcome aboard @TheJozenOnee. Glad you have joined us. What answers I have you been looking for? It was nice of your friend to refer you to this group. There are many well read and caring members. Participate as often as you are able. God-bless you and your journey.

(Brittany Bowman) #3

Welcome to Connect, Josiah. :smiley: We are excited for you to join us. As you explore the topics, I hope you add in additional questions that stand out to you. We’re all learning and studying together with folks around the world. Pretty neat!

(Sieglinde) #4

Welcome @TheJozenOnee so glad you joined :slightly_smiling_face: We never stop learning. There are a variety of topics and very knowledgeable people who can help you with your question. Take care and be blessed :heart:

(Heidi Mitchell) #5

Hi Josiah! @TheJozenOnee
Welcome to Connect :blush:
So glad you’ve joined us. You’ve come to a great place for asking those questions! I think you’ll find it a very edifying, gracious space to share and learn.

Side note- when I lived in Hawaii, as a teacher, I had many students from the Philippines… I would say the culture was largely Hawaiian/Filipino. So, although I’ve never been to the Philippines, I feel like I’ve learned a lot about the culture and sweet, kind people.

I just love the global representation in this community…I’m sure you’ll appreciate the many perspectives and insights from around the world, as well.:slight_smile:

(Daniel) #6

Hello Josiah, I like your username. I think you didn’t choose it by chance :smiley: It’s good to remember that you are chosen by God. Here at Connect there are many people who are firmly believers and from whom you can learn a lot. Just write down your questions, e.g. in the category Bible questions. I wish you a good start here and God’s blessing.

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(Josiah Alga) #7

You’re right I named that on purposee haha and I rejoice because God is good and how awesome He is in my life