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Josiah Linzey

Hello, I’m from Oklahoma City. I’ve watched many of the RZIM videos online, and I appreciate the impact made for the furtherance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the RZIM ministries. I’ve joined Connect for the purpose of interacting with Christians (both new and experienced), with hopes of crossing paths with many people interested in applying the principles of God’s Word in every-day scenarios. I’ve been saved for about 12 years, It’s time to engage in some meaningful discussions that will sharpen myself, and hopefully others with me.


Welcome @Josiah-Linzey! You finally joined! :joy: Looking forward to learning with you :grinning:


Hey Josiah!! I’m thrilled to welcome you onto connect! I am looking forward to the journey that God will lead us on as we seek to follow Him and learn more about the deep riches of His truths. Love you, bro!


Josiah! I am super excited that you are joining! May we all continue to press forward in our walk with the LORD and in our fellowship and inspirational conversation with others.
1 Sam. 12:24😊


Welcome my brother, Josiah! I’m excited to interact with you on here!


Welcome, Josiah! Delighted to have you joining us. Okay, we have a serious influx of Linzeys here…I know there is at least sisters among you (Charity and Anna) but how is everyone else related? I assume its not a coincidence that the Linzeys are out in force to welcome you, Josiah;)


Haha! Yes, we are all siblings. Josiah is the oldest son. Anna is the oldest daughter. And the rest of us Linzeys are down the line gradually. In this family, word can travel fast, especially if it is a good advertisement as in “Hey, y’all should really look into RZIM! It is an amazing set up…!” :smile:

How long have you been with RZIM?