Joy Abounds When in Step with God

On Take Five today, RZIM speaker Shawn Hart raises the question of what it means for all of humanity to be made in the image of God and to reflect that image, and in turn, for that image to make visible the characteristics of God. When we delight in creation, we must not stop there, for it would be like experiencing a great gift without lifting our eyes up to see the one who gave us this gift.

Regardless of who you are, what you believe, or what you have done,…you are created in the image of the God who created this vast universe.

The most well lived life will inevitably reflect the one who created that life.

We appreciate that which is beautiful because we are created in the image of that which is most beautiful.

Make it Personal

  • What does it mean to you, to be made in the image of God? How does it shape your understanding, beliefs, and actions?

  • How can we point beyond the beauty of the world around us to the one who is most beautiful?