Joy God is faithful

(Joy Douglas) #1

I currently reside in the state of Washington in the United States.
I joined Connect because I wanted to obtain the 2019 conference.
I have been following Ravi Zacharias since the late 1980’s and have purchased many books and CD’s, in an effort to learn apologetics for the Christian Faith.
I did not grow up in a “Christian” home yet the presence of God cannot be denied. My grandfather was a Minister. Though he died while I was a baby I am sure he prayed for me before and after I was born.
The Lord came into my life when I was about 7 1/2 years old. It was a genuine conversion. I understood enough to know that I was a “sinner,” and that Jesus died and rose again.
The way was often rocky. Like “Christian” in John Bunyan’s, “Pilgrims Progress,” I once briefly wandered off the narrow way. I have also fallen down many times.
I have learned that God is faithful even when I am not.
I was part of the Jesus Freak movement in the 1970, in the tiny town of Barstow, California, before anyone knew there was a movement of God, let alone a name.
Then, and throughout my life, which is now in it’s 6th decade, God has blessed me greatly, by allowing me to see His work in minute detail in my life as well as the lives of others.
When my grandmother, to whom I was never close, died, I received a box of old letters dated around the turn of the century from 1885-1900.
Among those letters were missionary letters from my relatives generations back. They spoke of the Lord the way I did.
Within the last 10 years it was my joy to blessed with seeing in this earth my relationship with my mother healed before she passed away. I had long given that to the Lord, placing all my hope for healing in eternity.
It has also been my joy to see my daughter and her husband bring each of their newborn sons to stand before their church family, dedicating and committing themselves before God to raise their Children in the faith.
The morning of my middle grandchild’s dedication, my little patient went home with Jesus.
Abby passed away two weeks before her eighth birthday. I was her best friend and nurse for 2 1/2 years.
I went to my grandson’s dedication 2 hours later.
Of that day, as I watched the dedication I remember “JOY of JOYS ! God is faithful! God is faithful down through the generations! God is faithful! I remembered the old letters and rejoiced seeing Gods blessing of faithfulness through the generations.
And I also experienced the feeling of deep, deep sorrow, followed the JOY OF JOYS and “WONDER” at the joy right alongside the sorrow! “God is Faithful! He took ABBY home! She is home!!”
I wrote more than I intended because I don’t have much to say these days.
I don’t know how, when or if I’ll contribute here. I know I will do a lot reading here.
This is because instead of having all the answers, like I once thought I had, I now tell anyone who will listen, “I don’t know much, but this one thing I DO KNOW…
…And that is, GOD IS FAITHFUL.”
And God willing, then I share, WHO Jesus is, along with the gospel.
And that to me, is all that matters.
Thank you for reading this and for your time.
Blessings in the Name of Christ,

(Roy Sujanto) #2

Hi @Joylaughs,

Welcome to Connect, and so glad to have you and your experience on board. I got a strong feeling your wisdom will be invaluable to this community.

Really a joy to read your story, I felt like I was take on a journey through time. Glad to see you find a healing closure with your mom. So touching.

Look forward to hear more from you.

Blessings in Christ,

(Brittany Bowman) #3

Praise the Lord for His faithfulness in your life, Joy. :smiley: Your testimony is beautiful, and I am encouraged to hear both of your heart to know Christ more deeply and His loving compassion and grace. Your grandchildren are blessed to have someone who loves the Lord so deeply.

I am curious- What conference are you referring to?

(Keldon Scott (Kel)) #4

Welcome aboard and bringing us Joy @Joylaughs. Your words are a blessing as is your faith. Never discount sage or your heart. Your guidance and sharing is what connect is all about. Many here need to hear how God is faithful. Your input might be the very thing someone needed to read that day. Oh, it was already. :slight_smile: God-bless you and your journey. Glad you are here.

(Sieglinde) #5

Wow, you have already contributed! You were rightly named…Joy :heart:
It must have been such a blessing to find and read those letters. I’m thankful to hear your relationship with your mom was healed before her passing and the good news of your daughter and husband wanting to raise their children in faith. I’m sorry about little Abby, that must have been heartbreaking. What a journey, thank you so much for sharing :innocent:

(A. Edward Schneider) #6

Yours is the type of testimony that interests me. It sounds as if you have known the Lord for most if not all of your life. Mine is of a different sort, the hard luck, prodigal type. Along with my story comes the war stories so glamorized too often in life. Obviously, it doesn’t matter how we come to Jesus or when and why in our lives, but that we do and have. Thank you for sharing.

(Joy Douglas) #7

Thank you for such a warm welcome. I look forward to being here, to finding and giving encouragement and to learning more.
Thank you for reaching out.
Blessing to you in Christ,

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(Joy Douglas) #8

Hello Brittany,
Thank you for your kind words.
God willing, I will be able listen to more than one conference.
The conference I’m going to start with is the conference that was just held a few weeks ago - 2019.
Blessing to you in Christ,

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(Joy Douglas) #9

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement, Scott.
I fear that many in the west do not understand the need to contend for and persevere in the faith.
It is good to be among others of the same mind, who seek after the wisdom, truth and knowledge of God in His Word, being washed, renewed, and transformed into the image Christ, so the lost and dying world may see Christ living in and loving through us and be drawn to Him.
I look forward to hearing more from you as you comment and share.
Blessings to you in Christ,

(Joy Douglas) #10

Thank you, for your joyful and compassionate response to what I wrote.
The letters continue to be a blessing to me for the exact reason that they do speak of God’s faithfulness.
It is an amazing thing to see His faithfulness as revealed in His WORD played out in one’s own family history.
Especially since I wasn’t “raised in the church.”
His faithfulness is why I had to be at church to see my second grandson dedicated a few hours after Abby died.
I needed to stand as a witness and testament to the faithfulness of God through the generations.
Though deeply grieved and in deep pain, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Abby was fine. I left Abby’s grieving family in the company of others, and with her mother’s blessing.
Only my kids new that Abby had passed away. I don’t think they fully understood what that moment was about.
The “moment” of standing up, one among hundreds of others in the congregation, standing up as silent testimony, fully recognizing the faithfulness of God in the past, in the present and knowing His faithfulness is also in the future.
To God be the glory.
Thank you for listening.
I look forward to hearing other people’s testimony and to learning how to give a better answer for the “hope that is within me.”
Blessings to you in Christ,

(Brittany Bowman) #11

I would love to hear what stands out to you from the sessions. I’ve almost made it through all of them now and keep thinking I have found my favorite. Soooo needed in today’s polarized concept. Raised in a Chridtian home, I hadn’t considered what life without forgiveness and reconciliation would look like. Now I have a new conversation starter with some folks I know

(Joy Douglas) #12

Thank you Ed, for your thoughtful response.
You are correct that it doesn’t matter when or how we come, only that we answer His call and come to Him.
I am glad you answered His call.
It is nice to meet you.
You are right. When do come to Christ, we come as we “are” (to Christ).
We are His “workmanship,” and it is through the “washing” of our minds with the Word of God that we become renewed, and through the work of the Holy Spirit, we are daily being daily transformed into the image of Christ.
What I understand now that I didn’t understand as child in the faith, is that God is FAITHFUL…
… to finish the work He began in us.
So though we are a work in progress we are both living testimony to the faithfulness of God.
Thank you for welcoming me.
Blessings to you in Christ,

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(Joy Douglas) #13

Though I haven’t yet quite figured how to maneuver on this app, Let’s keep in touch. I would like to hear your thoughts and to know which was your favorite.
I have purchased the conference but It’s going to take me awhile to get through them.
I look forward to chatting with you about the conference!

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(Anitta Trotter) #14

Hi Joy, such a lovely name!
You say you have little to say these days, but you have spoken volumes about what it is to walk the Christian path.
Bless you!

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(A. Edward Schneider) #15

Speaking of getting it straight, I assume that that the courses you speak of comes only at a price per, and that this area is a social site of a type about the courses we buy and watch. Apparently, I wrongly thought that we were in and able to access all things. Oh well, have a blessed week.

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(Lena Solop) #16

Hi Joy.

Thanks for sharing your testimony. It’s very encouraging! And I think it’s really cool and a great treasure to have such old letters of your believing relatives.

I also live in Washington State, not far from Seattle. Where do you live?

(Joy Douglas) #17

You sounded upset.
I hope you don’t leave.
I simply didn’t know this site existed. I probably would have joined earlier had I known about it. No, it is not all about the conferences. They cover a wide variety of topics. I think some of the topics are initiated by us, while others are initiated by those people affiliated with the Ministry. I could be wrong - I’m still learning - but that seems to be how it operates.
I am glad to have found it.
It is because I want to purchase the conference that I found this site.
I know I can access “parts” of the different conferences on You tube. I’ve done that for years. For this conference I wanted full access in one place that I could listen to and reference.
I am also happy to look at and read about the different topics and the replies. I might speak if I believe I have something of value to add. For the most part, I am content to read.
I hope you stick around.
Blessings and peace to you in Christ,

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(Joy Douglas) #18

Hello Lena,
Its nice to meet you. Thank you for your kind words.
I live on the southern Peninsula in the Long Beach area.
Last summer I worked as a travel nurse in Port Orchard and later in Olympia.
When did you attend the Academy? How long was the course?

(Lena Solop) #19

That’s really cool that you live by the ocean. I live really close to the water too and I love the nature here!

I attended the Academy from February to April - 12 weeks.

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(A. Edward Schneider) #20

I stick like flies on fly paper. )lousy analogy) Me good, you good God is good, all is just fine.

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