Juan Carlos

Carrollton Texas

Need to grow in Jesus



Hey Juan! @gomerojc
So glad you’ve joined us- and yes, this is a great community to grow in Jesus together!

The categories (above button with 3 lines) are great- and there are lots of interesting topics and conversations going on - enjoy, and I hope you’ll share as you feel led :blush:


Juan, I am glad you have joined Connect. I look forward to learning and studying more with you. What helped you find Connect? If you are interested in evangelism, you may enjoy joining a group, which is a way to be notified of when a specific topic is mentioned. The @Interested_in_Evangelism group may be of particular interest.


Hello @gomerojc, God bless you, welcome :heart: We never stop learning and growing and we are thankful you chose connect.
The Christian Growth and Daily Evangelism topics may interest you and encourage you to engage. I was really scared at first but have found this to be a very friendly and helpful environment. Enjoy browsing :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you

Welcome aboard @gomerojc. Glad to have you joining forces with us. Can we pray for your growth with you? Let us know if there are specific areas that we can help with. Love your heart for evangelizing. Stay connected here, and use the hearts and minds of so many here to spur you forward. We look forward to reading what God has done in your life, and if there are any questions or topical areas you want to explore – just ask. God bless you and your journey.