Juan Moreno-Sisco

Say hello… hello my name is Juan Moreno-Sisco

Where are you from? I am from Caracas, Venezuela

What led you to join Connect? I joined to connect to improve my knowledge about apologetics

How do you hope to contribute? Well, I hope to share testimonies of what God is doing when I answer questions about my faith in Christ among other world views, in my workplace as a doctor, and mission trips


Hi @juan.morenosisco,

Welcome! I have been grieved by the stories coming out of Venezuela. How might we be praying for you and your beautiful country?

It will be a blessing to hear from the wisdom God has given to you as we seek to grow in Christ together.


Welcome aboard @juan.morenosisco. it is awesome to have you connecting with us. I would love to read about your testimonies. I think you will enjoy the discussions. God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome @juan.morenosisco, we are so grateful to have you here and would be so blessed to hear your testimony. We have a place to post testimonies here if you feel led to share. https://connect.rzim.org/c/christian-growth/member-testimonies
I’m with @CarsonWeitnauer concerning Venezuela and wondering if you have any specific prayer request? We look forward to hearing more from you. God bless and take care :pray:t3::heart:


You are most welcome!

Absolutely true… The impact of Our Testimonies far outweighs our mere words, they can touch and transform countless lives and also by them we overcome the evil one. Just as it is written we overcome him by the Blood of the Lamb and by the words of our testimony… Revelation 12:11.

Looking forward to learning from you.
Grace and love.
From Nigeria


Hi, nice to meet you! Well, right now we have the biggest economical crisis of our contemporary history! But, in the midst of that, I think it’s starting a revival in our country because people have to look to God to face their daily reality. And I see how the church in Venezuela is focused to attend this reality working in unity. Paradoxically, This crisis has worked to our own good.

Prayer requests: a) Boldness to preach the Gospel to our people, despite our own needs b) Church unity in Venezuela for the credibility of our message of hope in Christ c) Venezuelans’ reconciliation due to political conflict d) Provition for the God’s people in our country, to bless our compatriots in need.
Sorry for my English. Thank you very much and May our Lord bless you!


Hi @sig nice to meet you! Thanks for welcoming me and for sharing the link for testimonies. Well, I gave to Carson my prayer requests. Thanks for praying for us. I have big expectations to learn more apologetics with all of you! May our Lord bless you!


Hi Keldon nice to meet you! Thanks for welcoming me. I hope to learn more and enjoy this journey for sure! May our Lord bless you


Hi John Michael nice to meet you! Amen brother, that verse is one of my favorites :point_up:t3::latin_cross:. I know that I will learn a lot with all of you. May our Lord Bless you. Greetings from Venezuela :venezuela: