Juan Sebastian Bravo-Ecuador

Hi! I am Juan Sebastian Bravo, from Quito Ecuador.

I just finished the Core Module a couple of months ago and when I received the email to join this community I found it fantastic.

Currently I am developing as an industrial engineer. But in the last years God had called me to serve him more in the Apologetics field, so thats basically why I took the course.

I hope I can make new friends in this community and help each other in whatever we can.

God bless,
Juan Sebastian Bravo


Bienvenidos, Juan! You have already made a new friend - glad to meet you!


Hello Juan, so good to meet you my friend. Yes, this is a great friendly, and engaging forum with plenty of new friends to share and grow. Thanks for pursuing His calling into apologetics, also as an engineer will that help you in anyway.


@juansebravo95 Welcome to RZIM Connect, Juan! We are really pleased to have you with us adding your voice to our conversations here. I hope you continue to find the Connect community a fantastic place to learn alongside fellow believers—to ask your questions and share your insights in response to others’ questions. We are all in this together! Again, welcome to Connect!


Welcome aboard @juansebravo95. We are really blessed to have you joining connect especially with your background in engineering and faith education like from the core module. Congratulations on completing the course. The fundamental foundations taught in that course are so instrumental in being able to explain our faith. Your faith and goals are appreciated. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi @juansebravo95, it’s great to have you here :slightly_smiling_face: I pray to Lord will bless your desire to reach out to others. Congratulations on completing the course. What would you say was your most profound lesson?
Take care and enjoy your time here :pray:


Nice to meet you! Thanks!!


I really liked the moral argument for the existence of God. For me is one of the most powerfull!

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