Judges 19

i dont get the underlying meaning of Judges 19. I cant even believe when i look how horrifically the concubine was cut into pieces.

You’re right - it’s nauseating. And that’s actually the point. The utter depravity of what the nation had degenerated into is meant to shock us! This is what happens when a nation abandons God, and every man does right in his own eyes - Judges 17:6 and 21:25. They’re now just as corrupt as the Canaanites (Genesis 19) that God had cast out before them.

Beware America!


Hello and great question. I certainly agree that it is an immensely disturbing passage. A few points I think are worth noting in the exploration of the passage:

  1. Just because the Bible records an action does not mean it approves of it nor that the person in question is acting in accordance to God’s will. When the Word is silent, we must be careful what we read into the passage, whether condemnation of an act, approval of a character, or any number of our personal theological theories or assumptions.

  2. I think this verse emphasizes in gruesome details the vileness of man. The Bible does potray man in an unrealistically favorable light. We are in need of Savior, not just for forgiveness but also transformation of a wicked heart.

  3. The cutting up and distribution of the concubine, as disturbing as it was, was intended to shock the recipients and perhaps prompt them to pursue justice; it forced them to come to terms with evil in a way that mere knowledge of its existence would not. A slightly less gruesome modern parallel might be images or videos that depict brutal human right abuses, disasters, war, etc. Such shocking images may disturb the viewer and prompt him to action in a way a simple article may have failed to do.