Judi Sprayberry

Hi all! I’m Judi Sprayberry

I’m a Texan transplanted to New Mexico in 1991 and then to Kenya and Zambia in 2002

I joined connect to put me in touch with folks who may be able to answer some of my questions

Not sure I have anything of value to contribute but I’ll try when needed.
I’ve just watched a wonderful YouTube program by Ravi. It’s called ‘Perspective of Life’. He mentioned in the beginning that there would be question & Answer session afterwards. Has that been recorded somewhere? I’d very much like to find it and watch or listen.


Welcome Judi! Right now I am new too, and I am loving RZIM even though I am not sure how things work. Hope you are having a Fabulous Day!


Yeah, I’m trying to find my way around too!


Nice to meet you Judi!

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Welcome aboard @judisprayberry. Glad to have you connecting with us. I looked for the YouTube video. I could not find it. You can check rzim.org for myriad Q & A recordings. Feel free to post the YouTube URL you reviewed and will help look for the particular question session. In the meantime explore and enjoy. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi Judi, it’s great to have you here at connect. Ravi has done much to help many see the Truth more clearly of which I am one. There is still much for me to learn. Am certain your responces and questions will speak to us. May 2020 be a blessing and joy.