Julie Clayton

Say hello…

I have just moved to London, Ontario in Canada, and I was watching an RZIM TV broadcast, and realized how much I miss Christian community and am hoping to find it here. I am also hoping that someone can suggest a local church with similar teaching to Ravi’s or Sunder Krishnan’s, that I can attend.

I would like to contribute in any possible way that I am able.


Welcome aboard @julie.clayton. Good to have you joining us. I actually am not that far from you but in the United States in Michigan. I hope you find the church you’re looking. I hope you get involved as soon as you are able and is frequently as possible. There are great discussions here book discussions and general biblical inquiry. Enjoy the forum and God-bless you and your journey.

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Thanks Kel, really appreciate it.

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Hello Julie, thanks for sharing your time with all of us brothers and sisters in Christ i count it a blessing and a great opportunity to meet you and share our struggles, Q&A as well as care and compassion for all of Gods children. Take care out there and be safe.