Julie Fambrough

Hello fellow apologists in training,
I live in Georgia, but grew up in Tennessee. I am currently studying to become a biblical counselor which exposed me to apologetics. I found RZIM and have been so blessed by this ministry. I am enjoying this forum format and hope to share some input along the way.

Truly Blessed,


Hello Julie, yes this truly is a great place to train the spirit man. It has helped me see things I have not known intelectuly, also in my spirit through digging deeper in the word/truth.
Blessings upon you


Welcome to Connect @Juliefambrough!

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@Juliefambrough Nice to meet you!

Welcome aboard @Juliefambrough. Very glad that you found apologetics and this forum. We are thankful that it is a blessing to you. Being a biblical counselor will be a blessing to this forum. Thank you for coming alongside us. God-bless you and your journey.

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