Hi Everyone :slight_smile: Hope you are all having a lovely day/evening. I’m signing in from Down Under :slight_smile: I heard about RZIM Connect on “Ask Away” podcast, and thought I’d pop in and see what this is all about. Not sure how I can contribute, but I’d be interested in reading your comments, commenting on something that has stirred my heart, and hopefully meet some like-minded people who just love Jesus :slight_smile: Cheers!


Hello @justdogs

Welcome! to Connect.
We are so happy to have you join us. CONNECT is community or family of God’s. You will find connect just as rich and inspiring as all other RZIM Contents you have mentioned.

Don’t worry you will have a lot to contribute soon. Just explore the community and join the conversation as the Spirit leads you.

Grace and Love​:heart::green_heart:
From Nigeria


Hi Gayle! @justdogs
So glad you’ve joined us from Down Under :relaxed:

We are very like-minded- I also love dogs, and especially love Jesus.

Your positive way just exudes through the screen- I imagine you bring sunshine around to everyone you meet. :sun_with_face:

I like the way you said (in your bio): “My aim in life is for people to see Jesus through me when they meet me. I want to glorify Him with my life.” Yes! Thank you for that great reminder to be the light- His Spirit can do so much when we love others.

I hope you’ll enjoy your time here. Feel free to browse the categories and many conversations going on. I’m sure your perspective would be much appreciated.

Enjoy! :heart:


Welcome, Gayle :smiley: I like your fresh description in your profile very much, because it shows your positive view and your cheerful and human-oriented nature, and even more your love and devotion to Jesus. Here at Connect you will surely meet some who have a similar attitude. Recently some from Australia have joined: e.g. Miguel @migueloyolaborja, Wafaa @wafaatanious and Wassim @wzag.


Gail, welcome to RZIM Connect and joining in on a like-minded community of people seeking truth and assisting each other with answers to life’s challenges. I am a dog lover as well and I have to share a riddle that some of you may have heard/read. Being a former skeptic years ago, I am not sharing this in a critical manner. Here we go. . .

Q: What does one call an agnostic with dyslexia?
A: Someone who sits around all day wondering if there really is a doG.


Very fnuny, roblundberg :). Thanks for your message of welcome (and your humour!) :slight_smile: Great to have a laugh and happy for the jokes. I took it in the spirit it was delivered, and with no insult to anyone :)). Your journey must have been an interesting one, from skeptic to Christian. I’m sure there’s a story there. Glad you are also enjoying RZIM Connect. I’m hoping to find my “niche” in here :). Have a fantastic day. God bless you as you go :slight_smile: Gayle.

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Hi @justdogs, welcome!!! First of all, how adorable is that puppy? So cute! Second, can I please put you in my pocket and carry you with me throughout the day? Your enthusiasm is contagious. I look forward to hearing more from you and being encouraged by your positive demeanor. Enjoy browsing through the topics :slightly_smiling_face:


I have to admit … our dog is cute :slight_smile: Such a lovely nature. Thanks for your response and welcome. Once I lose my training wheels, hope to see you around :slight_smile: Take care and have a fantastic day. God bless you. Gayle :slight_smile:

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Welcome aboard @justdogs. Glad to have you joining connect. Awesome that you were listening to ask away. It’s a great site. Great dialogue and caring members. Please participate as often as you are able. I am confident that you have much to offer. Look at this thread already.

And the dyslexic agnostic. . . what if he was an insomniac too? He would lay awake all night long wondering if there really was a dog. :slight_smile:

God-bless you and your journey.


Appreciate your welcome Kel :smile: I’m enjoying looking around So many good comments from others already on some of the topics. Yes I enjoy listening to Vince Jo and Michael in Ask Aw ay as well as Ravi Zacharias in YouTube. Really love what RZIM stands for. God bless you also and thanks for taking the time to say hello :smile:

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