Justice and mercy

We obtain mercy through our faith in Jesus.
Where or when to we obtain justice?
(Sometimes the spirt just whispers in my mind/heart)


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Great question!
Let me share with you a brief response.

There are two kinds of justice in the Bible:
• Retributive Justice; and
• Restorative Justice

Retributive Justice talks about giving someone the consequences for his/her deeds.
Restorative Justice talks about giving someone what he/she deserves, to restore, and reconcile.

On the cross of Jesus Christ, we do not only receive grace and mercy. It is not only the demonstration of God’s love through Jesus, but it is also the execution of the two justices.

On the cross, we see the retributive justice, when the punishment that intented for humanity was poured out to Jesus, instead of us. At the same time, we receive restorative justice, we obtain restoration and reconciliation to the Father.

2 Peter 3:9 says that God does not want everyone to punish. It is the sole reason why we share the gospel, for everyone to realize the retributive justice God did on the cross, and the restorative justice He offers. To restore and reconcile humanity in Him.

I hope this answer helps!


When you ask where or when we obtain justice, do you mean the justice of God against us for our own sins, or do you mean His justice against those who have wronged us?


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Good question you have posted.

May I ask you what is justice to you that brings you to this discussion. Thanks


Hello, @jmanwierd. Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I’d like to add to Elsie’s question. Do I correctly sense that there is an injustice that you have experienced? I have a feeling there is a longing in your spirit for something to be righted.

If that’s the case I will offer you this. We will obtain justice at precisely the moment we need to receive justice. Mercy and justice both belong to God, and He dispenses them in His perfect timing. He knows exactly the needs of our heart and the timing best suited to enable His provision to bear an abundance of fruit, to demonstrate His grace and love towards us and ultimately, to meet the needs of our hearts.

It’s our hearts that have a tendency to run ahead of Him. When we’re wounded it seems like the healing/restoration requires righting of the wrong before it can begin. Or the pain of our hurt has lingered so long that we think we will never be rid of it. But the Lord calls us to wait on Him. By faith, He calls us to live.

And in the waiting, we find Him there. We can sit with Him and come to know Him more. It’s in the knowing that we find the answers. And sometimes…some precious times…we discover the knowing (of Him) is far more important and satisfying than some of the answers we seek. Or, put another way, as we come to know Him more and more we find it easier to trust him with the completion of things not yet seen.

I would offer you Malachi 3:16-4:3 and Hebrews 10:32-37 as good places to sit and meditate for a moment.

Forgive me if I’ve completely missed the mark, my friend. Such good words from previous folks. Praying all or some resonate with your heart and mind. How blessed we are to hear His whispers!



Thank you everyone who replied these are some of the very things I was thinking about. Understanding that we obtained both Justice and Mercy at the cross is the direction I was travelling. Some terrific versus for me to munch on. Blessings

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Hello jmanwierd,

You got some good answers here, but I just wanted to touch on this subject a little bit. When we talk about mercy and justice, I think the biggest point that we need to recognize is that we are not talking about the same thing. Mercy is not justice, nor is justice mercy. If you have received one, then you have received it apart from, that is in lieu of, the other.

Let me explain. If God gives a sinner justice, then that would mean that sinner is receiving the just penalty of their sin. The just penalty of sin is death, not simply physical death, but spiritual death. If we receive justice, then it is because we are being punished for our sins, and we have not received mercy. I would not say that we received justice at the cross, what I would say is that we received mercy at the cross, because justice was satisfied by someone else there. The one who received justice at the cross was Jesus Christ. Jesus took upon Himself the just punishment for all of our sins on the cross, He received justice, so that we could receive mercy.

That is why God was able to forgive sinners. For a just and holy judge to simply say to a convicted criminal that he is forgiven, with no payment to justice, would make that judge unjust. But that is the purpose of the atonement. God did not forgive sinners by simply dismissing the just punishment of their sin, He forgave sinners because Jesus took that just punishment Himself and paid it in full. As Colossians 2:13-14 tells us, “And you, who were dead in your trespasses and the uncircumcision of your flesh, God made alive together with him, having forgiven us all our trespasses, by canceling the record of debt that stood against us with its legal demands. This he set aside, nailing it to the cross.”

What happened upon the cross was a legal transaction, whereby Christ took upon Himself the justice for our sins, and we received mercy. That is the only way we could have received mercy, that is, if someone paid the debt of God’s justice. But since we could not pay it ourselves, Jesus paid it, and canceled the record of debt that stood against us.

One thing we can be sure of is this. That some of us will receive either the just punishment of our sins, or the mercy of God through Jesus. But if we receive mercy, it is not because we are also receiving justice, but we are receiving the forgiveness of our debt by Christ’s atonement for our sins. Mercy, in itself, indicates the forgiveness of the just punishment deserved, and that is what those who trust in Christ through faith receive.

As we read in Psalm 103:9-11, “He will not always contend with us , Nor will He keep His anger forever. He has not dealt with us according to our sins, Nor rewarded us according to our guilty deeds. For as high as the heavens are above the earth, So great is His mercy toward those who fear Him.”

I hope I didn’t muddy the waters too much there. May God grant you wisdom and understanding as you seek to grow in your walk with Him. God bless you and thank you.

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