Justin Bieber's Redemption Story

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Recently, Justin Bieber has shared increasingly vulnerably and openly about his faith in God.

For instance, last week, he shared a video of himself leading worship at church:

This week, on Instagram, he shared the following reflection:

The mix of celebrity and faith is often an ambiguous one for many Christians.

So, I’m curious to hear some other perspectives on this. Do you find this personally encouraging? Is it a conversation starter for you?


I think Christians expect too much too soon out of people with his level of notoriety. We say allow baby Christians to mature but when it comes to celebrities we expect them to not make mistakes as soon as they get saved cause they are in the spotlight so much. It’s too much pressure honestly. You have the secular world already watching your every move and then the Christian bothers and sisters critiquing how holy you are living.

I’m not sure where he is in his walk so I can’t truly judge if allowing him to lead worship was okay or not. But I do believe he has been trying his best.

I don’t find it encouraging unless he has real mentors and is going through discipleship. There is a shortage of truly dedicated mentors in the church who are willing to disciple you and help keep you accountable. If he doesn’t have that kind of support I feel more so sorry for him because even though it’s possible for him to make it alone in Christ it’s a rough journey to go through alone. If someone took advantage of him it would probably crush him.


I’ve always been intrigued with how celebrities handle a life of fame and fortune- especially those desiring to follow Jesus- in the face of millions watching their every move.

His life is encouraging! I think if he is genuine and able to actually turn things around, really follow after Jesus- his life can be a huge testament to the grace of God. His platform gives him the opportunity to reach millions.

People want to hear the true and hard things others have journeyed through…and a redemption story at the end.

It sounds like Justin can relate to just about everyone on various degrees of sin- and because of this, he can speak into the lives of many- having been there himself. He knows the temptations, the giving in… and also can speak to the calling of His Father who never gave up on him.

I love to hear these stories. I imagine his story would be great across generations-

I pray he has some mature Christian mentors in his life- curious the church he goes to??

Thanks for sharing, Carson!


That is a very hard life to bounce back from, what he must have went through, and what others in that industry are still going through. I’m happy for Justin that he found Jesus, and glad to hear that he has support around him. I hope he doesn’t feel any pressure to be on stage, and if he needs to have some down time, that would be perfectly ok to do so. I didn’t realise he was married, so he’s taking on a lot. God’s grace is more than enough for us. Whatever we face, and whoever we are, God is great at pulling us out of our own mess.

I do feel sorry for people in the entertainment industry that need support, but don’t find any. Could someone have been there for Justin? What about Britney Spears and when someone took advantage of her (I don’t know the full story, only what was on the television at the time). Robin Williams (that was sad!)?? The media seems to enjoy publicising the demise of celebrities, but the industry doesn’t seem to help or offer counsel to those who’ve been rejected, or who are being exploited or doing drugs, or whatever. As long as they ‘get the shot’, they are happy. Something wrong there!

I’m grateful though for those in the entertainment industry who do believe in Jesus and are not ashamed to say so, who are also able to support their colleagues when they need it.

I wish Justin well in his new life in Christ, and trust that he will be fulfilled and ever growing towards becoming a beacon for Jesus in his years to come.

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