Justin Negron: I don’t have a particular question just yet

Hey everyone,

I’m from Newark New Jersey, though I currently reside in Pennsylvania.

I’m joining a couple of days after Ravi’s death. I started to watch his conferences and forums online recently, and definitely knew he had wisdom that I’d be stupid to reject. I plan on reading his books as well.

I’m open minded, and love healthy discussion. God wants us to use our mind just as much as our hearts, and so I hope to strengthen my faith by asking, and seeing others ask the difficult questions. It’ll only help us grow. God bless!


Welcome to connect @jus_tin27. You are so right. God does want us to use our minds and our hearts. I hope that you find the forum edifying to your faith. Please take a moment to provide an encouraging word to a new member. We are connected globally through this site and it is a blessing to have you with us. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi Mr. Justin,

Welcome to connect. Take your time and enjoy going through the categories, questions and answers, prayers, testimonies, and whatever draws you. You don’t have to have a particular question yet… you might find the Lord moves you to first offer an insight. :slightly_smiling_face:We are glad you’re here.