Say hello… hello brothers and sisters

Where are you from? I’m from Florida

What led you to join Connect? God led me

How do you hope to contribute? To encourage other believers and be encouraged by others


Hi Justin! Welcome to Connect. We’re so glad that you’ve joined us! Connect truly is a place to both encourage others and be encouraged. There are lots of interesting and illuminating discussions happening — be sure to jump in and share your voice!


Hi Justin! @Just
A warm welcome to you.
I hope you’ll look around and find some interesting topics and conversations going on- and feel free to chime in as you feel led :slight_smile:


Welcome to Connect, Justin! :slight_smile: I look forward to learning from you, and it is wonderful to hear of your heart to encourage others.


Hello @Just welcome. I love that you said “God led me,” so endearing :heart: Your warm welcome has already encouraged me and I look forward to seeing you engage in conversations.


Welcome aboard @Just. Glad God led you here. Your encouragement of other members will be awesome. And I trust you will find encouragement from the many loving and caring Christian’s here. Thanks for coming along side us.

Thanks for welcoming me love you and I will share my voice when I should

I will chime and thanks for welcoming sister

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Thanks for welcoming and thanks to god he’Ll teach us through each other love you

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