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Kali Z


I am from North Carolina. A mentor from my church encouraged me to join this conference and I am planning to start an evangelism class at my college so I really hope to learn more about apologetics, evangelism, and grow more in my faith through this conference!


Hi Kali,

Welcome to Connect, we are excited you have chosen to join us here.

When you mentioned,

were you referring to the REFRESH 2020, that is happening online this week for free?

A just and noble endeavor, starting an evangelism class at your college and I believe you will be challenged and grow in your walk with Christ through the forums and discussions within Connect.

Here is a resource that RZIM has that may assist you in that undertaking.

College can be a rigorous time of learning, however I would like to let you know about The RZIM Academy and the core module.
“The RZIM Academy is an online training curriculum designed to help individuals become better equipped to respond to the people around them who have sincere questions or honest objections about the Christian faith. 99% of course participants say the program has changed the way they evangelize to their communities.”

Below is a link about the Academy and general info on the availability of academic credit.

Also, please watch this quick video for some tips about connect.

So, there are many different resources listed above, :spiral_notepad: I do hope I have not overwhelmed you, I truly want you to know how honored we at Connect are that you would join us and add your voice to the many on going conversations.

If you have any questions, just message me and I will endeavor to seek an answer. :tulip:

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