Karel from Belgium 🎷

Hi, my name is Karel from Bruges in Belgium. I am a saxophone builder and pastor. I currently have a special sax project going on based on Isaiah 2:4.

The reason I joined Connect is because the whole RZIM ministry just makes more sense :slightly_smiling_face: It helps me to be more relaxed when I talk to people. I don’t go “for the kill” anymore, trying to win an argument but lose the person.

I hope to be inspired here and if possible to inspire others. Sometimes not-yet-believers just need to hear that one word or comparison before their eyes and ears are opened.


Welcome @Karel_Belgium I visited Belgium in 99 and loved the country. I look forward to learning with you.


@Karel_Belgium Nice to meet you!


Welcome aboard @Karel_Belgium. So glad to have you joining us. What a unique thing to be doing. I have never heard of somebody who builds saxophones. And thank you for your humility in moving forward and trying to do your best to make sure people are felt welcomed and not repelled because of disagreements or pondering. God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome @Karel_Belgium, it’s so nice to meet you and to see your beautiful work. Wow, what an inspiring, rewarding thing to do :pray:t3: Thank you for your heart in wanting to reach non-believers with compassion and respect. We need more of that and RZIM sets a great example. Take care and enjoy browsing through the conversations here :slightly_smiling_face: