Karen McG


(Karen McGrath) #1

Greetings from Hampton Roads, Virginia!

I have been blessed by RZIM for about twenty years, receiving Slice of Infinity every day in my inbox, listening to podcasts and Let My People Think, watching videos on YouTube and reading a few of the books written by Ravi and the team.

I recently received an invite via email and decided to join.

I hope to engage in encouraging conversation and strengthen my connection to the universal church, ultimately seeking to fulfill our chief purpose- to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. Blessings to all!

(Charles G. Pewee) #2

Hi @kmcg415, welcome to RZIM Connect. I look forward to a great time together on this platform.

(Joshua Spare) #3

Welcome to Connect, @kmcg415! It sounds like you have been thoroughly steeped in the resources of RZIM, even to being an alum of the Academy; congratulations! I’m curious to hear how you have seen those resources shape your life over the past years?

Also, I’m excited to have you along in our community! I’m sure that you will have some invaluable insights and contributions, and I’m looking forward to reading them! Blessings on you!

(Helen Tan) #4

Hi @kmcg415, a warm welcome to the Connect Community! I look forward to hearing more from you and grow together with you in the knowledge of the things of God. There are lots of people here who are experienced and knowledgeable, and at the same time, eager to bring glory to God !

(Anthony Costello ) #5


Welcome to Connect! I pray that God will use your time here to grow you in both knowledge and love of our Lord Jesus. I look forward to interacting with you and hope you will find this a great place to both challenge and strengthen your faith.

Hampton Roads, Virginia? That sounds pretty. Anything unique or special we should know about Hampton Roads?

Grace and Peace,