Karl Adrianne Abad

Say hello…

Where are you from?
I am from the Philippines.

What led you to join Connect?
I was invited to the Emerging Apologist Program this October

How do you hope to contribute?
Service to God through gospel sharing and studying for now since I am still studying.


Welcome! @Karl1

Am so glad to meet you. Connect is a home for all. You will find it amazing and fulfilling. We are praying that the program (Emerging Apologist) be successful and life transforming. Am also praying that the Lord strengthen you in your studies.

Consider joining the conversations always.
Remain Blessed


Greetings! @WorshipGod

Exciting! Yes please pray the the Lord will strengthen me in my studies. I am glad to be a part of this conversations. RZIM is really a God given blessing.


I am currently taking up my degree in History at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. And it has been my passion and commitment in apologetics for 5 years to shine the Truth, undergirded with love, to people, especially the youth.

I am also an active member of Christ Commission Fellowship, that had been the church that moulded me to love studying and to transform my life for Jesus. The in-depth teaching was great and that motivated me a lot. I am under the mentorship of Mr. Judah Paolo, RZIM Associate, who invited me to the Emerging Apologist Program. It was 2018 when I really started to listen and to read books especially when I began hearing messages of Dr. Ravi Zacharias. He became one of my heroes, it was such a blessing to really have a guy like him to transform many lives for the glory of God. But I started apologetics through websites and truth seeking back in 2014. I started with questions, doubts, hardships, and struggles. Then through the hard way, I finally knew life in the person of Jesus Christ

I then finally love philosophy, religion, history, the social sciences, science, theology, and many more. Many people have been also asking me the same questions I used to ask lately. It is only through Jesus who is big enough to fill the vacuum in our hearts. Well, all glory to Him. I love to learn more from many scholars and studies especially from RZIM.

Hoping to work here soon or wherever the Lord will lead me. Praying…

Vitam Impendere Vero! Soli deo gloria!

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Wow! What a bliss to read your testimony @Karl1

Am so glad that RZIM has became a great blessings to you. Am also moved by how you struggle with many questions and that through the Grace of God you have now come to know Christ Jesus. What an encouragment

Yes. You will indeed be of great blessing to this community. Just keep your eyes fixed on Jesus.

God bless you.


Welcome aboard @Karl1. God bless your passion and commitment. Thank you for coming along side us. Your experiences passion can be very helpful for thos on this site. Participate as often as you are able.