Karla Mendoza


My name is Karla, I am originally from Guatemala City bu reside in California, US.

I have joined connect because I have found a fountain of teaching and love here. I have listened to Ravi for many years even when I didn’t understand a lot of the words he spoke…haha!

Here I am now, finding myself with so many questions that “the church” doesn’t help answer and I am hungry to know more for the sake of my relationship with my Heavenly Father & those I can reach, starting with my home.

I don’t know if there is much I can contribute with, but only God knows where things will go from here.

I’m so glad to be part of a group of believers that seeks to preserve the purity of the word of God with a love approach along with diligent self examination.

Thank you for having me!


Welcome to Connect, Karla. This warms my heart to much,

I have joined connect because I have found a fountain of teaching and love here.

Please ask your questions and jump into conversations! We strive to humbly serve one another as we both grow in our knowledge and show Christ’s love to the outside world.


Hello @Kmendoza2, Your introduction was so heartfelt and authentic, I smiled as I read it :slightly_smiling_face: You already are a blessing, and we are glad to have you here :heart: Welcome!


I love that too! Welcome aboard @Kmendoza2. You are so right. I am glad you have experienced that. Thak you for helping that fountain pour out more. God-bless you and your journey. I look forward to being energized by your enthusiasm.


Bienvenida estimada Karla.

Espero que este lugar te sirva bien y que la Gracia del Señor sea contigo en donde estés.



¡Bienvenida, Karla!

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