Karla Quesada


Soy de Costa Rica, de San José para ser exactos.

Recién termine el modulo general, aprendí muchísimo y me siento muy contenta de estar por acá. Tengo alrededor de un año de conocer el tema de la Apologética. Me introdujo el tema mi novio, quien se encuentra muy interesado en el tema desde mucho tiempo atrás, la verdad ea que de entrada el tema no me gusto mucho, hasta que vi una charla de Joe Vitale y me hizo “click”, desde entonces he estado leyendo sobre el tema muy interesada, ¡he encontrado que la apologética es clave en nuestra fe!

¿Cómo espero contribuir? Pues espero hacer preguntas, traer dudas, hacer aportes y que podamos verdaderamente construir una comunidad a la distancia.

Un gran abrazo a todos.


I´m from Costa Rica, from San José to be exact.

Just finished the general module. I learned a lot and I feel very happy to be here. I have about a year of knowing the subject of Apologetics. The topic was introduced by my boyfriend, who is very interested in the subject for a long time, the truth is that I didn’t like the subject at first, until I saw a talk by Joe Vitale and clicked me, since then I have been reading on the subject very interested, I have found that apologetics is key in our faith!

How do I hope to contribute? Well, I hope to ask questions, bring doubts, make contributions and that we can truly build a community from a distance.

( My english is not the best, sorry :smile: )
big hug to everyone.


Hi @krlis2105 welcome to connect! I thought you did very will with English. My Spanish is even worse or pretty much not existent :wink: I have to use google translate. We are so thankful to have you here. If you are more comfortable, there is a Spanish link here as well. Or you can use both :slightly_smiling_face: https://connect.rzim.org/c/apologistas-hispanos
Enjoy your time here browsing through the topics and feel free to engage :pray:


Thank you!! So kind! :grin:


Hola! Hermanita, welcome !
Somos famila aqui😊 ( we are a big family here)


Welcome aboard @krlis2105. So glad that your boyfriend suggested apologetics to you. I hope you enjoyed the core module is so good. The foundation that you received in that course will be very helpful to others when you conversations with them here. I thought the English was good as well. God-bless you and your journey


Thank you so much @Keldon_Scott!! I hope so!

@Nancesah Holaa!! Muchas gracias! Que bueno que así sea!


¡Un fuerte abrazo desde Madrid!