Hi my name is Kassy and I’m from the Philippines working in United Arab Emirates.
I’d like to know more about the Lordship of God. Cause that’s what I’m studying right now.


Hello, Kassy, and welcome to Connect. :smiley: It’s great to have you join us. If the Lordship of God is something on your mind, please do start a question about it! We can all learn and study together, and there are many wise folks on here. Likely, there are many others wondering similar things. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Hi Kassy! @Kassy
So glad you’ve joined :relaxed:

What led you to Connect?

I agree! You should post your question…
I bet others would enjoy that conversation.


Hi Brittany
One of the question is what does it mean when we say Jesus is Lord and what does it involve to say that Jesus is Lord?


Hi Heidi :slight_smile:
I came across connect when I watched Ravi’s talk about where do our values come from. :slight_smile: this community will help me grow in my walk with Christ. Cause I’d like to know more of who Jesus Christ is.


That’s a great question. You might get more answers to your question if you post it in the Daily Evangelism category. Here are some tips on how to do that, but let me know if you have any questions!

I’m giving you a lot of things all at once, but if you enjoyed the Trending Questions talk yesterday, you might enjoy the study guide and conversation we have going over here.


Are you studying the Lordship of God in connection with a class or is it a personal study?


Hi @timotto it’s a discussion in our small group.

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Welcome @Kassy, so glad you are here. I found a topic here that may interest you.

If this is not what you are looking for, start a topic by clicking on the three bars, top right by your profile and that will bring up the various categories.


@sig thank you so much :slight_smile: currently reading it now :heart:

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I think evil is anything self centered or selfish.