Kathleen Van Every

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I am in Delaware

Been listening to most of RZIM podcasts for years and read many of Ravi Z’s books. I want to be better equipped to have meaningful conversations with people God brings into my life. The thoughtful love which underpins RZIM is amazing to me. The humor is exceptional, as well.

Not sure how I will be able to contribute as I feel out of my depth here! I am a great question asker, so I have been told, so maybe that is one of my roles

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A very warm welcome to you from another Kathleen in this world. :smiley: I so very rarely meet people with our wonderful name, so this makes me excited. Ha! We’re glad you’ve joined us!

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Welcome, @plantaseed!

We are happy to have you here! This is a great place to ask questions. You are not out of your depth here, trust me. Please do not feel intimidated. Everyone is is learning from each other, and we can learn from you as well. You have unique experiences that we haven’t had. You have way more to offer than you think. We are looking forward to what you have to offer. I pray that you will be richly blessed by being a part of Connect.


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Hey Kathleen!

Welcome :slight_smile: We enjoy coming to Lewes, Delaware to visit family…wonder if you’re near there? Yeah…I second Melvin- this is a safe space to learn and grow together :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the kind welcome! I am in New Castle County so quite some distance from Lewes. Isn’t the internet wonderful for bringing people together!

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Hello, Kathleen! It is always so very encouraging to hear when people are wanting to be able to learn to have, as you put it so well, “meaningful conversations” with the people God brings into their lives! And, yes, one of the reasons I tell others about RZIM and am so bent on using its resources is because of the integrity, love, and respect with which its ministry conducted. If you feel you are out of your depth, you are in good company :). Also, I am not a great question asker and need improvement in that area, so perhaps that is something I can learn from you :). Looking forward to “hearing” from you!

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Is it possible I put my first question/concern in the wrong category? It has been read by a few but no responses yet. We have a church business meeting soon and I was hoping for illumination prior to what could be a testy meeting. Being new here I wonder if if belongs elsewhere? Thank you for any advice.

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